Well plugging equipment.Cleaning out the well before plugging.Size of an open hole before plugging.Digging out the depression to find the casing.Well hunters beside well before clean out and plugging.Well hunters at a well siteRob Greathouse discussing the well plugging process with well hunters.Well hunters getting information on the fishing tool used to clean out a well.Preparing to drop the fishing tools into the well.Observing the well cleanout process.One of the fishing tools about to be dropped into the well.Examining some of the material removed from the well.Sample of some of the fishing tools used to clean out a well.Discussing the operation of the fishing tool.Cleaning well before plugging.Placing tubing into well before pumping in plugging compound.Hose connected to tubing ready to pump in cement.Plugging well in Oil Creek near bike trail bridge.Plugging well in Oil Creek at Rynd Farm.