Well hunters have been active since 2004The 2007 crewThe 2013 crewPart of the 2014 crewPart of the 2017 crewTesting a depression to look for an open holeExamining an active gas well for leaks.Recording the data for an open hole.Marking a well site with flagging tape.Taking photos of the well site.Charlie cleaning the leaves out of an open hole well.Claudette, Ev, and Dave examining a large depression.Relaying the data on an open casing well back to the recorder.Flagging and tagging a well casing.The crew leaving a marked well site.Examining a well casing for water, oil and gas.Planning the next move.Joe and Dave testing a depression for an open center.Recording the data on an open hole without casing.Well hunters ligned up to follow a compass heading.Charlie opening the cover to an underground storage tank.Well hunters.Recollecting equipment after marking a well site.The black spot on the hat is the GPS antenna that enables geater accuracy.Examining the base of an old central power.