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Leaking well

Orphan Well - Leaking Oil

Open pit well

Abandoned Well - Open Pit


Water Monitoring - Macro-invertebrate Collection

Watershed education

Watershed Education - Revegatating a Stream Bank

Oil Field Artifact

Oil Field Artifact - Eccentric and Rod Lines

Mine water from well

Water Flowing From Abandoned Well

Plugged well

Orphan Well - After Plugging


Water Monitoring

Well Hunters

Orphan Well Hunters

News and Updates

Winter Salt Watch

Radioactivity from Oil and Gas Wastewater Persists in Pennsylvania Stream Sediments

Pennsylvania confirms first fracking-related earthquakes

Spate of small earthquakes shuts down fracking activity in Lawrence County

"Shale Gas and Oil Development" A presentation at Dickinson College by Anthony "Tony" Ingraffea of Cornell University discussing the gas industry myths, new research, leaking wells and effects of methane on Climate Change
Climate Change Info from NASA

A new map has been added that shows the locations of Abandoned Wells found by Venango PaSEC and wells plugged by DEP
See the Map

Another new addition to our web site is a map showing the locations of unconventional gas wells and our stream monitoring locations.
Clicking on a stream location will provide a link to our data.
Stream Monitoring Map

ALLARM water monitoring database

This site provides resources that are useful to our members and others interested in protecting water quality in streams and water wells.

These resources are only a small sampling of the information that is available, however they are some of our favorites.


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