Orphan Wells - Useful Documents

Application for Orphan Well Classification

PA DEP Reports of All Well Types

Using DEP's Report page is a bit complicated so to get specific reports, use the following directions.
At the top of DEP's report page select the drop down arrow next to County select the county name from the list, then select the drop down arrow next to Well Status fields and make a selection. You can also select the Municipality or Region. See the image below fields image then click dep view report button at the right edge of the page. Use the dep export button to download a copy of the report in the format you choose.

DEP interactive well location map
You can use the link above to locate specific types of wells and get detailed information about the wells status.

These sheets may be out of date. For the latest information use the Report link above.

PA Oil and Gas Act and Act 13 changes

Executive Summary of Act 78 of 1992 - Oil and Gas Act

Act 13 of 2012 FAQ

Act 13 of 2012 - Gas Impact Fees

Orphan Well's - Fact Sheet

Jerry Wells' report Natural Gas Development Opportunities, Impacts and Needs Conceptual Analysis an independent analysis of the gas drilling issue

Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission draft report on Orphaned wells

DEP Oil and Gas E&S Manual

Oil Well Plugging Fund

DEP Oil and Gas Production Reports

Problem Well Examples

Oil leaking from base of well.

Oil leaking from improperly plugged well.

Erosion around casing of plugged well.

Acid mine water flowing from well casing.

Open hole - a hazard to hikers and hunters.

Well casing leaking into creek.