About Venango PASEC

We are a group of dedicated retired and senior volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds all interested in the common goal of protecting and preserving our watershed.

Our mission is to promote active and visible environmental stewardship.

All members are active in one or more projects. We have no membership dues.

Venango County is located in rural northwestern Pennsylvania. We have many beautiful and wild streams with excellent sport fishing and many acres of forest that are great for hunting. But Venango County is not just about hunting and fishing. The first commercial oil well was drilled by Colonel Edwin Drake in 1859 in Venango County near the city of Titusville. In the years that followed thousands of oil and gas wells were drilled here. The county also has many abandoned shallow coal mines. Today both coal and oil have mostly passed on to other areas with only a few producing oil wells and fewer strip mines still operating. Natural Gas is still being produced in the area and both Marcellus and Utica shales are under Veanango County. At this time both Marcellus and Utica shale wells have been drilled here. The environmental impact of the early oil, gas and coal days however remain as leaking wells and acid mine drainage. Our goal is to monitor, protect, preserve and remediate the streams in our watersheds.

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Organizations we work with:

Nature Abounds the sponsor of many PaSEC chapters

Venango Conservation District (VCD)

Western PA Conservancy

Center County PA Senior Environmental Corps (CCPaSEC) info and data

PA Organization for Watersheds and Rivers (POWR)