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The following slide shows are made from photos taken during our well hunts.

Orphaned Wells in Oil Creek State Park

Well Hunters and Well Plugging

Oil Field Artifacts
Additional photos to be added soon.


magnetic detection of abandoned wells Locating abandoned wells is not an easy process. Currently it requires boot and eyes on the ground to locate the signs of old wells. Department of Energy / National Energy Technology Laboratory is trying to change that. Their project uses aerial magnetic imaging, computer analysis and ground verification of specific sites to locate the wells. This video discusses using magnetic imaging as a way to detect abandoned oil and gas wells.
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Old wells blowsout fracking fluid during fracking of new well Professor Tony Ingraffia discusses the problem of unplugged Abandoned wells in areas where new drilling and fracking are occurring. The fracking process can cause fracking fluids to leak from abandoned oil and gas wells in the vicinity.
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Old oil field Save Our Streams PA is working at raising awareness about the health, safety and environmental issues associated with abandoned oil and gas wells.  Additionally their program promotes the plugging of abandoned wells.
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Drilling on Game Land Here is another video from Save Our Streams PA describing drilling on State Game Land.
That sounds like a really great idea.
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Abandoned wells in Gulf This is a YouTube video about the over 27,000 abandoned oil and gas well in the Gulf of Mexico and the environmental concerns they pose. The video was removed from YouTube due to a copywrite problems associated with some of the content.
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Ohio abandoned well program A video about the Ohio orphan well program
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methane from abandoned well A video about the problem of methane gas released from abandoned oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania.
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well decomissioning A California program to plug abandoned water wells. The plugging process is almost the same for oil and gas wells. The exception is that two cement plugs are placed in a oil well. One plug isolates the oil and gas layer, the second isolates the water layer closer to the surface.
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Rod line excentric A look back at the history of the oil industry from the perspective of the region where it began.
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leaking gas well An abandoned well leaking methane (natural gas)
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Abandoned well This video from Save Our Streams PA has a history of the oil industry and drilling and plugging law in PA.
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Old Oil Stuff

Stream BoilerSteam Boiler

ExcentricA stripped eccentric

ExcentricEccentric with rod lines

Band wheelBand wheel and belt tightener

Band wheelPump house with band wheel

Wheel in treeTree grown around wheel

Cooling loopA gas cooling loop

Wolf rigRemains of a Wolf drilling rig


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