Water Monitoring Data

ALLARM Protocol Data

Stream Monitoring Map and Data
The map shows the locations of wells and monitoring sites. Clicking on the star icon will give you a link to the most up to date data.

ALLARM Water Monitoring Database

CVMP Protocol Data (located on Google Drive)

All Macro data is in one spreadsheet. Please click on the stream name tab to view the data.

Site Results Results
Sandy Creek #1 at Lake Wilhelm Dam Chemical Macros
Sandy Creek #2 at Raymilton Chemical Macros
Sandy Creek #3 at Polk Elementary School Chemical Macros
South Sandy Creek at Slatertown Rd Chemical Macros
Lower Two Mile Run (two sites) Chemical Macros
East Sandy Creek Chemical Macros
Cherry Run along Rt. 227 North of Pleasantville Chemical Macros
Little Sugar Creek at Rt 428 also Rt 27 Chemical Macros
Mill Creek Chemical Macros
Oil Creek at Oil City Chemical Macros
Prather Run at Rt 428 bridge Chemical Macros
Scrubgrass Creek Chemical Macros
Shull Run Chemical Macros
Sugar Creek at Cooperstown Chemical Macros
Upper Two Mile Run 0.1 miles above Justice Lake Chemical Macros
UnNamed tributary of Two Mile Run at Pioneer Flats Macros
Slate Run Chemical Macros
Two Mile Run at Martin Rd (below dam) Macros
Horsecreek Run Chemical Macros
Tarklin Run Chemical Macros
Hemlock Cr. Chemical Macros

Penn State Protocol (Logger Data)

The following data was collected up stream and down stream of an unconventional well pad near the town of Polk, PA

Data logger files are very large

Location Location Interval
Set # Polk Up Stream Monitor Polk Down Stream Monitor
Set 1 6/14/2012 - 8/30/2012 6/14/2012 - 9/4/2012 10 Minute
Set 2 9/27/2012 - 4/29/2013 9/27/2012 - 5/7/2013 30 Minute