Orphan Wells - Links

PA Oil and Gas GIS Mapping site

Map of Abandoned Wells in Venango County found by Venango PaSEC

Map of Active and Permitted Unconventional Wells"

PA DEP Abandoned and Orphan Well Program

PA's (April 2000) Plan for Addressing Problem Abandoned and Orphaned Wells

DEP's Water Well Abandonment Procedure

Perilous Pathways: Behind The Staggering Number Of Abandoned Wells In Pennsylvania

Perilous Pathways: Danger of Drilling Near Abandoned Wells

Hunting For Pennsylvania's Orphaned and Abandoned Wells

Hazards of Orphaned Wells

Save Our Streams PA
If you'd like to add an abandoned well to the list send a message to scavengerhuntpa@google.com Subject = "abandoned well"

Save Our Streams PA map showing abandoned oil and gas wells.

On The Hunt for Abandoned and Orphaned Wells

Frac Tracker: Problem with Abandoned and Orphan Wells

Article: Shale drilling could provide a way to deal with abandoned oil wells from PA Environmental Council

Pittsburgh City Paper discussing new gas drilling in areas where wells have been drilled in the past Here

Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells Are Leaking

Abandoned Oil And Gas Wells Threaten Drinking Water, Homes Across U.S.

Magnetic Surveys for Locating Abandoned Wells

Efforts under way to find abandoned Pa. gas, oil wells

Marcellus Shale Gas Development and PA School Districts:
What Are the Implications for School Expenditures and Tax Revenue?

Oil well plugging in Warren Co. PA

Gas Detection Meters

Problem Wells

Oil leaking from well draining into stream.

Oil leaking from well

Erosion around base of well.

Oil leaking into wetland area