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Healthy Macros, Healthy Streams! Penn State Extension Service

Methane Gas and Water Wells

DEP publishes official determinations of damaged water supplies related to oil and gas operations

Shale Network - A Network of Shale Water Researchers

Organizations we work with:

Nature Abounds the sponsor of many PaSEC chapters

PA Organization for Watersheds and Rivers (POWR)

Venango Conservation District (VCD)

Western PA Conservancy

Center County PA Senior Environmental Corps (CCPaSEC) info and data

World Water Monitoring Day

Macro-invertebrate Information

Volunteer Stream Monitoring Interactive Verification Program (VSM-IVP) Macros

Guidelines for macro invertebrate sampling

Iron seep
Iron seep

Although this iron seep may look harmful to the stream, chemical tests done 100 feet downstream from the seep indicate minimal levels of iron. The iron appears to oxidize as soon as it comes into contact with the air and precipitates out of the water.

Off Topic but interesting

What you need to know about genetically engineered crops.

Those bugs 'are going to outsmart us'